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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Grow Your Faith

"Everyday, work toward an increased level of faith."

"To each one is given a measure of faith. Use your measure to the fullest. Exercise your faith to build it. As each individual is given a certain body build with its muscles needed to function well, that body can increase the muscle given, initially, by exercises that focus on growing stronger muscles. The faith you've been given is fundamentally enough, but by exercising this faith, you can increase its ability and potential."

"Take every opportunity I send to exercise your faith, to see it grow. The choice is yours. Exercise requires discipline. Discipline is supported by desire - a passion for the desired outcome. Don't be afraid. I am by your side prompting and guiding. I will give you opportunities to grow your faith. Welcome them as a treasured friend. These opportunities are meant to prepare you for the "more" that I have orchestrated in your life."

"Trust Me. Step out in the faith you have today. Everyday, work toward an increased level of faith to impact My kingdom. You are My servant. Build yourself up in your most holy faith." Jude 1:20 (03/22/2018)

Since time is short before the Lord's return, He is giving us lots of opportunities step out in faith and impact His kingdom. We need to act on those opportunities. He wants to use us, but He will determine the time and the place. We need to be ready when the time comes. Wait. Trust. Obey. Stay alert!

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