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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Heads-Up, Children of God

"You will need great trust in the days and times ahead."

"Hold on! Mighty winds of change are beginning to impact the landscape around you. God is in the winds. Do not fear. You are built on a firm foundation - trust your foundation to stand the strain of strong winds."

"I am raising up a mighty clarion [war trumpet/request for action] call that will shake the powers that be. Stand firm. Stand strong. Do not be swayed by the looks of things. I am in control - your great God and Redeemer. Though things shudder and shake around you, trust My word and the promises I have made. Nothing with Me has changed. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever."

"Look to Me when you question that which is going on around you. I know the weakness of the flesh. Look to Me! Keep your focus on Me. I have a plan and I orchestrate it perfectly. Encourage yourself with that truth. Repeat it aloud, 'My great God is in control. He is orchestrating His plan perfectly. My foundation is strong and trustworthy. I will keep my eyes focused on my mighty God.'"

"Speak My truths. Listen for My voice and then step out obediently and full of trust. Do not let the unfamiliar cause you to veer from My truth. Trust Me. You will need great trust in the days and times ahead. You will see changes, but I will not change."

"Keep your focus on Me when you question what you see. I will keep you on the right path; but, you must keep connected to Me. Do not attempt to strike out on your own. Follow Me. Obey Me. Trust Me. I have told you what to expect. Keep your eyes on Me. I love you. I desire to use you to make a difference in this time." (03/27/2019)

I received this message in March of 2019. A new thing - Covid 19 Pandemic - come full force into the lives of the people of the United States in March 2020. I stand amazed that our loving God was preparing His people well in advance for this upheaval in our 'normal'. I stand amazed - again. I apologize to you for not posting His "heads-up" when He gave it, but I don't think we could have even imagined!

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