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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Here Comes the Groom

Jesus is coming back for His own

Father, the bells ring out the Good News of Your return. They alert the people to prepare for Your coming. You come for a bride who is expecting You, who is ready and waiting - excited for what the future holds living in Your eternal presence. Oh, the joy and anticipation of that truth!

"Be ready," says the Lord, "I return for a bride without spot or wrinkle - not blemished. Understand it is a spiritual preparation. Many are marred physically, but My son, Jesus, came to present a spiritually prepared bride. In His righteousness, there can be no spot or wrinkle. He became the perfect sacrifice - no spot, no wrinkle, no sin."

"Put on the white robes of righteousness and the garment of praise for any spirit of heaviness when the waiting seems too long. He is coming back for His own. His scepter is in His hand and He will rule and reign as every knee bows and all confess that He is Lord of lords and King of kings. Be Ready. Walk humbly with your Lord. He is coming. (04/15/2018)

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