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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Humble and Happy to Serve!

"Submit yourself to others and serve them."

"Keep Me as the center of your focus. What I say to you is life and health. The meek shall inherit the earth. Always remain teachable. Humility is a rich blessing. Embrace it. Keep within the safety of its boundaries. Submit yourself to others. Honor them. Love them. Bless them. Shine the goodness of Your Lord upon them. Serve them. Trigger their hunger and thirst for righteousness by letting your light shine."

"Make it a habit, a goal, to love and help another. Put the needs of others above your own. You meet their needs that I show you, while I meet your needs. You walk in the abundance that I have showered upon you. I am your supply. All that you need I am able to provide for you. Turn to Me for all you need. Try Me to see if I won't wonderfully meet your need - even if no one else knows. I am faithful. I am willing. I am able and wise. Turn to your Lord and ask for what you need. My supply is limitless! I love you."

"I give and I take away. Both come forth from My heart of love for you. I work marvelously and lovingly in your life. I am FOR you. I want the fullness of your calling to prevail. I work in your life to bring that purpose to fruition. Not one lesson wasted! Not one interaction wasted!"

"Purpose. My kingdom has a purpose and your life has a purpose. Both are meant to draw others to the love and saving grace of Jesus, the Christ. Can't you see His great love for you? He is always moving, always loving, always working things together for your good. Oh, taste and see the great goodness of your marvelous God."

"I am good. I am for you. I am on your side to bring your purpose and potential to its fullest measure. Let Me lead you. Take My hand when you find it hard to follow and obey. Keep connected to Me and fully realize your destiny. I love you. I have spoken." (05/05/2020)

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