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  • Stephanie Hanouw

In Step

"Going your own way will not serve you well!"

"The day approaches when no man shall work My works. Glory and honor and the blessing will be rarely seen. My people will cry out for My return. To you I say, 'Wait. I am coming soon. Do not fret and fear. Have I not promised in My word to supply all your need? I am able.'"

"You are entering a time of miraculous occurrences. My hand is not shortened that it can not save. I am the same God as yesterday. At the appointed time, I will bring My purposes to pass. I am the Lord - the maker of heaven and earth. I do all things well. Stay in step with Me and the plans I have for you. Align with My word and My purposes."

"I am Lord of all. I know the plans I have for you. Trust Me. Follow Me. I will not lead you into temptation, but away from the evil; so, you must trust and follow. Going your own way will not serve you well. Follow Me and see the wonders that obedience reveals. Keep in step with Me. We have a world to impact for the kingdom of God. You have a part in My plan. Your life has purpose! Follow Me." (08/16/2022)

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