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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Jesus' Light Reaching Dark Hearts

Jesus sets free those captive to their dark secrets within.

"The light of the living Lord has come to give light to the hearts of men - of mankind. He shines into the deep darkness and brings out the dark secrets hidden away from view. He takes those dark secrets and speaks healing and peace over them. Then He sets free those who are captive to the secrets therein. Each being is filled with light and they walk in newness of life."

"They see the Light of Life. They see His goodness, His love, His longing to walk with them on their day to day journey. They no longer find themselves stumbling in the darkness. They follow the illuminated way. They follow the light of Jesus as He goes before them. He is the Waymaker. He reaches out to those in darkness to take their hand and lead them into the glorious plans of God." (10/08/2018)

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