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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Lead the Way

"I go before you."

"Open up the shallow waterways so they may be filled to the full with the Water of Life. What is man when he walks throught his life empty and lost? He is dry and barren, seeking to quench his thirst but to no avail. Life is found only in the Son of God. All else is vain. He [man] will not understand the way to that Living Water. Jesus is the way. It is My desire that My ambassadors lead the thirsty ones to the source of the Living Water."

"Be keenly aware of the opportunities I place before you. Do not fear. I go before you to prepare the way. Trust My leading and obey. I am with you. My words will not return to Me void of having made their impact. Even if you do not see or are suprised by the response, know that the rest is up to My Holy Spirit. I am the Way Maker. I give the increase - the results. Your mission is to obey and trust the rest to Me."

"Don't let doubt hinder your response. Time is of the essence. The world needs to know of My love and the Source of the Water of Life. I want to use you in My kingdom purposes. I have gifted and prepared you for the assignments you are called to. Dive in, confident that I am at your side and that love is My motive. Stay close to Me to receive all the strength you need to serve Me well. You are a servant, a tool in the hand of the Master. Trust Me. I love you." (05/30/2024)

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