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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Let Generosity Define You

"Represent Me well in your giving."

"Let generosity prevail. Let it define who you are. Let it multiply the blessing I have bestowed on you. Stand and watch what wondrous things the Lord has in store for you. Be careful to come before Me with thanksgiving. I give and I take away."

"I am a generous, loving Father. Represent me well in your giving. Seek My heart for direction. I have a plan. Partner with Me as I move across the world changing lives. I delight and joy in blessing My children. Use and share your blessings generously and wisely."

"Take heed to keep focused on your Lord and be thankful. Do the right thing - always taking the advantage to impact My kingdom and glorify your God. Keep your focus on Me. I will show you the way. I am your great and eternal reward. Receive with gladness. I have spoken." (04/13/2020)in

How marvelous it is to be the recipient of God's great generosity - not only in material blessings but in the forgiveness of a multitude of sins! Thank you, Lord!

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