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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Let Go and Let God

Lay all your troubles and annoyances at the foot of the cross.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Bring Me the hard things. Bring to Me the troubles, the annoyances. Bring them all to Me. Lay those things that trouble you at the foot of My cross. Give them to Me - all of them - the little and the big. Only to you does the size matter, to me, it is all the same. I am Lord over ALL."

"Take time to lay your burden at My feet. You must make the effort. Your part is to bring. My part is to resolve. I am able. My ways are beyond your ability to understand; therefore, you must trust Me once you have placed the matters, the issues, at the foot of My cross. It is a place of surrender - of yourself, of your matters. Hope rests safely in the Lord, your God."

"I. Am. Able! There is nothing too hard for Me. There is nothing too dirty; there is nothing to ugly for Me to work good from. My ways are beyond your ability to figure out. Your attempts to reason it all out is fruitless. Let go. Trust Me, your mighty, loving, omniscient, personal Lord. Trust Me. Can you trust Me? Will you trust Me? (11/13/2019)

Me: Thank you, Lord, for the answer, but "how" is the question. How does one lay it down and walk away?

"By faith and discipline. Lay it and leave it. Those are My instructions to you. Adam and Eve were given instructions. They easily obeyed until the tempter prompted them to doubt My lordship. Then they experienced the consequences of their lack of discipline and lack of trust in their Lord. Your victory lies in obeying and trusting your Lord. Again, I say, bring the troubling things to the foot of the cross. Claim the victory. I secured it for you on that same cross! " (11/13/2019)

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