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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Let Jesus Carry Your Burdens

"Expect an answer, but don't plan the look of it."

Great are the mercies of the Lord; they are new every morning. His love and compassion pours out upon His children in multiplied measure. He delights in their victories. A great cloud of witnesses cheers them on.

"Take up your cross and follow Me," He says. "Lay the burdens of your day at My feet. Those are mine to carry for you. My burden is light and My yoke is easy. You were not created for heavy loads and burdens. Give them to Me. I, alone, am able to carry them."

"Meet Me in prayer to gain an understanding of the strategies needed for victory in each case. I know the way to victory in each case. Listen. Expect an answer, but don't plan the look of it. Trust Me. I am a loving father who would not give a serpent if you asked for a fish or a stone if you asked for bread. I am on your side. Is there anything greater than that - to know that you are not alone - to know your help is simply a prayer-cry away?"

"Take advantage of your sonship! Know what I have done for you and given to you. Unopened gifts are useless. You are an heir in My kingdom - family. The same privileges of Jesus' sonship belongs to you. Eat from My table. Call upon Me in the time of need. Delight to fellowship with Me as I delight to fellowship with you. I love you.

"Say it [He loves me] until you feel the thrill of this truth. Say it until you believe it and you can't help but smile. I. Love. You. I provided the perfect solution to the separation created in the garden of Eden. Look to Me. Look to Jesus. He is your way, your truth, and your life. Follow Him. He shows the way. Ask and you shall receive. Your are My great joy and My delight. (07/28/2018)

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