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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Live. Laugh. Love. Serve.

"You are exceptionally equipped for it!"

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"The things of the Lord are spiritually discerned. Keep that in mind. Aside from My opening up your ability to understand, you would not - you could not. I make the way. I am the Way. I have all control. You can not figure out My ways. They are too high for your limited, finite mind. I see from the beginning to the end and know how to arrange life in a way that all things work together for the good of My children and to My glory. Don't doubt this. It will not serve you well."

"Trust Me. Trust My word. Trust My working through you. I am able. I am trustworthy. I lift up and bring down. I am no respecter of persons. I have great mercy, but I am just. Keep your place in mind - you are to go under My standard."

"I have called you to be my servant. Serve well. You are exceptionally equipped for it. Take heart. All you need I have already appropriated. Grab what is supplied and serve with a committed heart. Serve well. Trust. Obey. Don't seek to understand every little thing. There is joy in the journey. Make the necessary efforts to move in that joy. I have your back. I may use another in this keeping power, but I am the bottom line. If they succeed or fail, I have seen it. I am your help, your strong tower, and your strength. Depend on Me. I alone make the way. It is My hand moving. Don't fret."

"Rejoice, (your name), My precious child, you are mine and I have planned for you. I've given you the best. I've opened doors and I have closed doors. My timing is perfect; My way is perfect. Keep your gaze ever on Me. You are My child, My servant. See the great joy in this truth. Savor your time in My plan. Bless those in your path and your home with the joy You [delight in] with me. Don't keep it locked away for just our private times. Share your joy - that joy that bubbles and gurgles within you because of the presence of My Holy Spirit in your life."

"Live. Laugh. Love and serve! Let go of the legalism. It will slow your efforts and reduce your effectiveness. Go for the more. Take time to smell the roses. Life is not all work and no play. Keep your gaze on Me whether working, serving, or playing. Look up! I'm always near. Look up and see Me - your joy! My child, I love you. You make me smile." (07/01/2017)

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that you, yes you, make God smile?

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