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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Lord of Heaven and Earth

No need to fret and worry. The Lord is faithful to fulfill His covenant.

As I was praying, the Lord interrupted my thoughts...

"Hear Me, My child. The time comes when no man shall work. Those who don't know Me will think all is lost, but I am still in control. My purposes will continue to unfold. My will will come to pass. I am the Lord of heaven and earth. My purposes will be accomplished. Hold tight to your faith in Me. I do not slumber nor sleep. I am omniscient - all knowing."

"Nothing escapes My knowing. Every heart is bare before Me. I know the enemy's schemes and plans, and they fit perfectly into My desired outcomes. Do not be afraid. I am in control. Peace. I give you peace. Trust Me. I am Lord of My kingdom. You are safe and secure. Draw close, closer to your loving Lord. I have spoken." 08/09/2022

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