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  • Stephanie Hanouw


Amazing, mighty God-moves filling one with wonder or astonishment.

I removed my glasses laying them at the foot of the cross in front of me as I sat praying.

"In the day that I begin to move, you will see the mighty works of the Lord. You will stand amazed at the wonders you see. You will see them clearly; they will not be hidden from view. The multitude of people will see and wonder at such marvelous happenings. They will turn to one another and ask questions:

'"What is this wondrous thing?"

"How did it happen?"

"Who is able to do these wonderful things?"'

"It is then you will begin to fulfill your destiny as My ambassador."

"Now is a time of preparation - a time of listening and learning. Now is a time of drawing close to Me - closer than ever. Learn to listen. Learn to obey. Learn to always return to your Lord for more love, more joy, more strength. Oh, the wonders that await My children as they partner with Me. They will see things they have only dreamed of. Marvels wait for you as you step into the plans I have for you." (09/12/2022)

Are you, am I, drawing closer to the Lord to be prepared to witness His marvelous moves and then explain their existence to a wondering world?

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