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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Matching DNA

Do you know you are a part of almighty God?

Heavenly Father, the heavens declare Your glory. They shout with excitement the remarkable work of Your hands. They tell of Your awesome creative ability!

"My creative abilities are not limited to the heavenlies. They are evident wherever the eye looks on earth as well as in the heavens. My people are as diverse as any star or galaxy and uniquely formed in My image. Just as My son Jesus was in My image, so are My children. They carry the DNA of their Father the moment they receive Me as Savior. People are My creation, but My DNA is only evident the moment they are born again. Then, they are My child and a part of Me."

"They are heirs of all I possess. I cannot and will not ever let anything separate them from My love. We are one. I will never disown one of My own. I know the hearts of all those who are truly mine - who carry My DNA."

"Oh, that My children would understand how much I love them. I long for fellowship with them. How much easier life would be for them if they just learned to trust Me, walk with Me, and keep Me foremost in their thoughts. But, they choose to try to make it on their own, calling upon Me only in times of trouble. They have not spent time with Me getting know My voice, so they don't hear when I answer."

"My sheep hear My voice because they spend time with Me daily. They hear Me sing over them. They hear Me call their names. They hear Me call the names of other sheep. They recognize My voice because they've hard Me over and over. They know My voice. They know My heart. They know the delight I experience when they are with Me."

"Come close. Draw near to Me and I draw near to you. Do not fear. My love is sure and steadfast. Nothing can separate you from My love. Rest in this truth. My love never fails. Come to Me. Delight in My presence like I delight in yours. Find your place in My love and rest there. Nothing, no nothing, can separate you from My love. I delight in the presence of My children just as an earthly father delights in His children. Draw near. I have spoken and encouraged you. Take heart. Peace, My child." (06/08/2019)

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