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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Needing Direction

I've designed you for love, life, and power.

"The joy of the Lord is your strength. Pursue Joy. It is a powerful witness to the goodness of your Lord."

It seems to have eluded me for a season, Lord; how do I find Your joy again?

"Trust Me more. Do not carry that which is Mine to carry. Let Me do the heavy lifting in your life. Pursue joy. Pursue peace. Pursue love. Hold My hand and follow Me to make the journey back to joy easier."

"I love you. I've designed you for love, life, and power. My authority is available to you. Use it as My Holy Spirit prompts you. At all times, seek My will, and follow My lead. I am for you not against you. You are mistaken to think I am not on your side. Jesus' sacrifice for you should forever calm that question. Remind yourself of that loving deed often, I am with you always - keeping, loving, saving."

"Trust Me even more. I am a loving Heavenly Father who loves His children. I am for you. I love you. Take that truth to heart. I have spoken." (01/17/2024)

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