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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Not of this World

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Where is your citizenship?

"Making this world your home will not serve you well. The world is at war with My kingdom. Peace and love prevail in My kingdom. The world is swaddled in darkness and evil, but My love covers a multitude of sins."

"Check your love. Check your light. Are you loving? Are you shining - reflecting the light of life? The citizens of My kingdom must represent Me well. I am Love, Light [the bright and morning star], and Life. I am the source of all mankind. I am Lord over everything. The day draws near when the people will know without a doubt that I am Father, Creator, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The darkness will be overcome and My kingdom will open its doors to those who walk in righteousness.

Nothing evil shall enter heaven's gates."

"The dead in Christ shall rise leading the way as the faithful who remain follow closely. Every eye shall see, and at that point, every tongue will confess the lordship of My Son, Jesus, The Christ. Do not conform to this world. They need you to shine. They need you to share the Good News of forgiveness and redemption. They need to taste and see that I am not only a good God but, just, as well. My return is soon. Be about your Father's business. I have spoken." (05/24/2022)

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