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  • Stephanie Hanouw

On Nights When Despair Closes In

God's love is always reaching out!

"In the middle of the night when the stars are shining bright, in the middle of the night when the birds are not singing, those who have no hope feel the intensity of that hopelessness. All seems lost. They are overcome by great despair. The night is dark and they can not see the way. It is then that My rescue is so much more precious to those walking through the valley of death: death to self, death to a dream, death to an identity, death to a loved one. But, My word is: joy."

"Joy comes in the morning. 'Sorrow may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning'. Do not discount the power of joy to come to your rescue. My word also states that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Don't despise My joy. Allow it to freely minister to the sorrowful and broken places in your heart and life. Healing comes faster and easier when joy paves the way."

"I say, 'Call upon Me in your day of trouble'. My love is always reaching out to take you by the hand and help you through the darkest nights. Call upon Me; I am there - already! Waiting. Waiting for you to acknowledge My presence and My desire to give you the aid and encouragement you so desperately desire."

"Oh that My children would realize My deep love and longing to help! They think they have to beg and wring help from My hand. How wrong they are. All that is needed to is request and then receive. Watch for the answer to come. It may not look as you expect. Even so, do not discount it or turn it away. I am here - always - even in the middle of the darkest night ready to rescue and redeem!" (06/24/2019)

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