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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Only a Call Away

Don't hesitate to call!

"Comfort. I offer the comfort of My Holy Spirit to My loved ones. He is available to anyone who calls upon Him and for any situation. He doesn't attend to a child of Mine based on worthiness; He attends on the basis of need and faith. He is a call away."

"Don't hesitate to call Him into your need. Only by faith will you realize His ministering to you in your circumstances. Don't hesitate to call! It is My great joy to respond to your need. Remember, I am near to the brokenhearted. I came to set the captive free. I took the stripes and the shame for your healing. I sent the Comforter because of My great love for My children. Don't hesitate to call. I love you." (05/04/2023)

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