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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Partnering with Jesus in the Harvest

Stay keenly attuned to My guidance.

"The thorns pressing into the flesh of My brow speak of pain, suffering, and sorrow. They represented the condition of mankind's plight. The pain of mankind was that which I bore on the cross - not My pain but yours."

"I suffered, bled, and died to free My loved ones from the consequences of wrong choices and rejection of God's goodness. Many don't know the freedom that is theirs just for the asking. Asking for My forgiveness is like getting a new lease on life. 'Ask and you shall receive' is the truth presented in My word. Many do not believe such a gift is possible for their life, so they don't ask."

"It is your job to make sure they know to ask [for forgiveness] and that only by asking will they find the relief that they seek from the pain, suffering, and sorrow. You must let them know. Tell them I came for them! Out of My great love, I came and bore their shame, suffering, heartache, and shortfall. They must know."

"I will open doors of opportunity and you must follow Me through them - trusting Me to the uttermost. Take My hand and follow Me. I will make the way like I did for My people crossing the Red Sea. You must trust. I go before you to prepare the way. Don't trust in your own ability. The plan is Mine. If you follow and obey, you will see marvelous things. Stay keenly attuned to My guidance. Just obey. I will keep you. Don't fret."

"It is My desire to use you. Together we will impact My kingdom. We will thwart the enemy's plan and see people entering My Kingdom who would have otherwise missed out. Let's go! The sea of mankind waits for our arrival." (03/13/2019)

If we feel inadequate for an assignment, we definitely bring more glory to the Lord. We do not enter the assignment blindly, because we are to keep our eyes on Jesus and follow Him.

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