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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Perfect Workmanship

You are the apple of God's eye and your future is bright!

"The moment I laid eyes on you My heart leapt with joy. My workmanship was perfect: the eyes, the nose, the hair color, the structure. I rejoiced at the work of My hands. What love I have for you, My child."

"Wonderful plans await you. My love covers you and holds you close. Come in close to your creator, your heavenly Father, who beholds you as the apple of His eye. Your future is bright. Walk with Me into the wonders I have prepared for you. You can not even imagine the delights they hold for you. I fill your heart with dreams and desires of My choosing. Live close to Me to see them fulfilled. I adore you." (09/10/2020)

A sweet time of worship and prayer preceded this message. Do you realize that God feels this way about every one of His children around the world? I stand amazed!

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