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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Praise The Lord!

The Lord's work is marvelous!

Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice..." John 10:27

Star light, star bright! The first star that I see tonight lights up the night sky in such a way that it steals my breath. The Lord's work is marvelous! He does all things well. He takes "nothing" and works beauty and perfection from it.

He is not limited like flesh and blood. He is omnipotent and able as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His work is marvelous - there is nothing like it. It is matchless in quality, beauty, function, and purpose. There is none other that can compare. He is creator - maker of all things.

He is worthy of all glory and praise. He alone stands out in the beauty of holiness. He alone can make all things new. He takes nothing [invisible] and brings [visible] beauty from it. It is marvelous in His sight. So, stop! Take the time, make the effort to see His creation in nature and humanity.

He loves His work. He attends to and atones for the work of His hands. He never stops creating and doing good. He is a God of love and perfection which is shown through His compassion. He makes all things new. He can be trusted.

Yield to Him without reservation. Oh the freedom you will experience, the peace, the joy. Marvelous things await you if you will but yield and trust. Give Him honor and glory. Move in His power. It's His power that makes us live, move, and function in such a way as to fulfill out destiny, our purpose.

He is the one true God who never sleeps or slumbers. He makes all things new and makes something out of nothing. His credentials are staggering.

Why won't you yield to His lordship? He is not a harsh taskmaster. He is loving, kind, and just. He is trustworthy. He will not deceive you nor forsake you. He is good even when we don't understand His ways of bringing His will to pass. He is Lord. He is God almighty! (09/27/2017)

Sometimes, I just have to declare the glory of the Lord. It's inspired, I'm sure, by the prompting of His Holy Spirit. Maybe you have your own declaration of His glory. Don't hesitate to speak it out. He would love to hear it!

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