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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Prepared for Purpose!

"You and I, partners in advancing My kingdom and purposes."

Do You have something to say to Your people today? Silly question. I know You do.

"Take up your sword and your shield and go forward boldly into your mission field, the one to which I have called you. It is not a light thing. You have purpose, a purpose I have declared and prepared you for. It is the mission I have chosen and appointed to you. I am with you. I will help you. Call on Me for what you feel you need. Strength? Wisdom? Passion? Guidance? I provide all you need. Simply ask. Know that I walk beside you preparing the way. You do not go forward alone. I make sure My purposes are accomplished as you walk in obedience."

"Don't fear. Don't fret. Trust. Obey. The rewards are great - lifechanging and lifesaving! I will take you by your right hand as you go forward at My bidding. You and I, partners in advancing My kingdom and purposes. You were knit together purposefully with specific assignments in mind before you were even born. Many wander through their lives not knowing their specific purpose, but I know it, and for those who simply trust Me, I will bring their purpose, by My planning, to pass. All their fretting will be in vain."

"Trust and obey. There is no other way to bring satisfaction to this life. Will you choose to trust? Will you choose to obey? Awesome things await those who will. Surrender your life and times to My perfect plans." (09/28/2023)

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