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  • Stephanie Hanouw

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Be rooted and grounded in faith.

"Holy. Holy. Holy is the Lord, God almighty. His ways are righteousness and truth. He makes all things new by moving in the hearts of men. The ways of the Lord are righteous ways worthy of acceptance. Be aware of the false way. It is a way that does not bring glory to your Lord. Shun that way. Walk in truth and covenant with your Lord. Make His name glorious."

"Keep the tryst with your first love. Do not fail to come before your Lord for all you need. I am your supply. I am your way. Make haste to walk in that way each day. My way is the way of life. Hunger for it. Thirst for it. Seek it earnestly and you will find it."

"Do not be deterred. The enemy wants to offer you a different way, one that seems better. Beware! His aim is always to kill, steal, and destroy. Walk circumspectly, and keep close to me. I am the way. There is no other way that will satisfy. Keep the faith. It is your shield and protection. Allow faith to do its job. Keep the faith ever before you to quench the attacks of the enemy."

"Be rooted and grounded in faith, in staying the course, in drawing close to your Lord. I am Life. I am the Way. I am Truth. Follow Me closely. Be adamant in seeking Me. I wait for your coming with great anticipation. Seek My presence while I may be found. The night draws near. The day is nearly over. Work while you still have the Light." (02/05/2020)

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