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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Rejoice in His Amazing Love!

How great is His love which He gives without measure.

Mighty are the acts of the Lord! He moves in power and in might. He is bound by nothing. He works in total freedom. No circumstance limits Him. He is able in all things and in all ways to bring His will to pass. He remains and forever will be All in All. How awesome is our God! He reigns supreme. Our creator, our redeemer, the One who makes us whole - every whit whole.

Oh, come, magnify the Lord with me. Rejoice! We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. He is the loving shepherd who cares wonderfully for His sheep. He protects. He leads us to still waters. He provides, with wisdom, all of our needs. He is trustworthy.

Rest in the comfort of His love which keeps watch over us moment by moment. Nothing escapes His watchful eye. He sees. He knows our frame - that we are but dust. Yet, He pours out His everlasting love upon us. His grace is always available and sufficient for our shortfall. What a mighty, loving, gracious God we serve. He lovingly watches over us. He keeps us under the shelter of His wings. As a mother hen calls out to her chick that wanders away, so too, our God calls us by name when we stray from the protective shelter of His covering.

Lean into the Lord your God. He is a mighty, safe place of refuge. Receive His embrace. How great is His love which He gives without measure. Come and partake. There is room for and enough for all who hear Him calling their name. Don't hesitate. Come. Press in close to your loving Lord. Get to know His heart. He calls. He waits. He delights in communing with His loved ones. Taste and see that the Lord is good! He waits. (02/15/2019)

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