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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Hope Restored (Reprint)

"In the twilight of the hour, you speak to tender hearts. You speak love. You speak truth. You speak tender mercies and compassion. You call out to the broken and weary, to those whose hope has dissipated through years of hurt and disappointment. You call their name. Whispers they hear that begin to impact the dying embers. Those embers begin to glow with life, long forgotten. A stirring begins to energize the healing needed. Light begins to illuminate the darkened corners of their heart. The sound of music begins to penetrate the fibers of their broken places - the weary places. Life begins to pulse through. Their eyes begin to sparkle. Their step has a long forgotten lilt to it. The joy of the Lord begins to restore strength to hope again, to believe again, to try again. The pain of disappointment fades."

Life! Restored!

"The arm of your almighty God is not short that He cannot save all who will call out to Him when they hear their name in His voice. I am able to save to the uttermost ALL those who will believe in Me. Entrust your loved ones into the hands of your loving heavenly Father who still longs to save and rescue the perishing. I would that none perish. Bring them to Me, their Creator, the God with whom nothing is impossible. And then you, too, believe. I am able. I am willing. I am love." (02/22/2022)

As you reread the first six sentences, read them in first person. Even though I didn't "receive" those sentences in first person, it was delivered to me as "truth". Our heavenly Father is so very loving and gracious. First person really brings out the power of His message. God bless you.

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