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  • Stephanie Hanouw


Treat every opportunity to serve as an effort for and to the Lord.

"When I called you to serve, I placed no stipulations other than, 'Come before Me with thanksgiving'. No boundaries. No guidelines. Serve as unto Me. I was servant to all. Let Me set the boundaries and conditions. Rely on Me for the strength and opportunity. My way is perfect."

"Do not fret the inconveniences. They don't matter. Just serve as though you are serving Me - do all as unto your Lord. I make the sun rise on the just and unjust. Treat all the same - as you would treat Me. Have no expectations - only [simply] serve as needed. You are My hands and feet to do and to go in My name, in My stead. Seek Me for your assignments day by day. Listen and obey. Stay close to Me." (08/16/2022)

There is a bit of a backstory to this message. I had been helping another person quite frequently and was beginning to feel somewhat "used". I decided to add some boundaries to my offers to help. Unfortunately, the one needing the help felt stressed over the boundaries and decided no help was needed. When I brought the matter to the Lord, the above was His input. I was amazed. No condemnation! Only instruction and encouragement. A "do better next time" opportunity.

I want His message to encourage you, too, if you find yourself in a similar situation. It showed me that I fret over a shortfall more intensely than necessary. I think many of us do. Our God is a loving father and makes every effort to teach us and give us many learning opportunities. It is His desire that we learn from our mess-ups and do better each next time. Can you relate?

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