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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Share Your Treasure

The Kingdom of God has room for another and another and another...

"Make up your mind. Whom will you serve? If it be the Lord, follow His way; if it be the world, follow that way. Each one must choose whom he or she will serve. The world offers a wide, seemingly easy way, but the farther one travels that road, the darker the way becomes. The way of righteousness is a narrow way, but the abundant light present there makes the way easy to navigate. As you draw nearer and nearer your destination, more light shines on your way. Those who are wise will choose the narrow way."

"My return is soon. Are you ready to see your almighty God face to face? Oh the joy that awaits those who look for My return. Chin up. Eyes up. Draw close. Closer. Your joy will impact those around you. They will wonder and doors of opportunity will open. Don't neglect to share the Good News for it's your God's desire to impact another life with His peace, forgiveness, joy, and righteousness."

"The Kingdom of God has room for another and another. Take every opportunity, every open door, and make each count. Speak My truth and My Holy Spirit will move according to the plan for each life. It is not My desire for any to perish. Speak up. Speak out. You carry within you a treasure that many seek but seldom find. Pour out My truth and love to those who are hungry. Partner with Me in this."

"The eyes of the Lord move throughout the earth. I know the thoughts and desires of all people. I see the hearts of all people. Some hearts are breaking and broken, some are hungry, some are searching, some are hardened by the cares and the pleasures of life. I have told you before, the fields are ripe for harvest. As a member of My body, you have a part to play. I have assignments for My servants. Share the treasure your carry within. Don't hold back. Don't worry about the outcome. You plant seeds. I'll manage the growth and the outcome. I have spoken. Make My joy full, and share your treasure." (01/27/2022)

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