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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Strong and Courageous

"Trust the leading of My Holy Spirit."

"The bells ring out the glorious possibilities in a new day. Helping, serving, bringing glory to your Heavenly Father. Rejoice! Your glorious Heavenly Father goes before you to prepare the way."

"Marvelous opportunities lie ahead. Trust the leading of My Holy Spirit. Trust Me to keep you on the path where He leads. We are a team working together to advance My kingdom's reach. Marvels await. Trust and obey! Watch your Heavenly Father work wonders around you. You are My hands and feet as I move through you. The power is Mine that moves through you."

"Embrace the spirit of adventure. I'm doing a new thing. You haven't seen this before. Do not fear. Trust Me as we work together. Simply trust. Obey and leave the results and outcomes to Me. I will use you as you trust and obey."

"Do not shrink back. The enemy will take advantage of your fear and disarm you - rend you powerless. Too many of My children have heeded the attempts of the enemy to disarm them of My purposes and power. They stepped away from the impact I asked them to make."

"To you I say, 'Be strong and courageous. Trust and obey'. The time for impacting your sphere is now. See the signs of My soon return. Work with Me. Trust Me. As you trust and obey, many lives will benefit. Keep your faith in Me. Keep your eyes on Me. I have spoken. (08/04/2023)

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