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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Submit to His Lordship

You can not live a life of satisfaction without God's presence.

"Oh, My child, My children, hear the voice of your Lord calling lovingly, inviting you to come and abide in Me. I am love. I am sovereign. I am the only way, the only truth, and the only real life. I died for you. I suffered for you. I laid down My divinity [for a time] for you in order to give you eternal life. Draw close to Me and receive My eternal gift to you. Embrace it. Live in it. Walk in it. It is for you."

"Heed my warning: do not try to live life in your own strength. You can not achieve a life of satisfaction and value without My presence helping, guiding, supplying and blessing. Hear My words. Do not push relationship with Me to the side. I am your lifeline. I rescue and redeem. I am for you. I am on your side. Turn to Me. Call upon Me. Take My hand and walk through to victory."

I am Lord of all. I am come that you might have an abundant life. I, My presence, provides that abundance. Don't turn Me away. I have good in store for you from My treasure-chest in Heaven. Come to receive that which has been prepared for you since the beginning of time. I longingly wait to bestow upon you those things I've lovingly prepared. Come and receive. I am anxious to give. Come. Keep Me in the center of all you do, all you hope, all you think. I have spoken. (10/12/2020)

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