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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Brightest Lights

Keep close to Jesus and reflect His light within your sphere of influence.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"The lights are brightest that shine in the darkness. They are easy to see. They stand out. They 'take the heat', the 'brunt' of the darkness which gathers around that light hoping to dispel it and overcome it. But, I am the Light of the World. My light will never be extinguished. Hope rests in My light. Life rests in My light - the eternal light of love and life."

"Stand in the light. Draw all you need from that light. It is available to you and you must access it by choice. Although it continues to shine all around you and you benefit from the light, the fullness of its benefit comes by acknowledging and embracing My light. It is your responsibility to reflect My light. Whether reflected or received directly, it makes no difference. It dispels darkness and illuminates truth. It changes lives and exposes lies."

"Arise and shine. Reflect My light. Impact your world - your sphere of influence - as you reflect Me. Don't neglect to impart this great gift to those I bring across your path. Keep your light shining by residing close to Me. I am the source. Keep close to Me and reflet My light. I love you. I intend to use you to further My kingdom. Take My hand. Stay close! I love you." (03/31/2019)

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