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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Depth of His Love

Lord, I long to walk in obedience and humility before you.

"My, Child, you don't know or understand the depth of My love for you. I stand at the ready to meet your every need - each one. Every need is found in Me. I long to keep tryst with you, to make myself known to you on an intimate level."

"Not many of My children are open to that level of relationship and communion with Me. It is a special relationship reserved for those who hunger and thirst for more - more of Me, more of My kingdom, more of My power and presence."

"I don't love one of My children more than another, but a longing heart for more simply draws Me closer to that one. Not more love just more presence. A call for "more" from My child is irresistible to Me. I always draw close when invited!'

"I delight as much in your presence as you do in Mine and even more. Take heart, Dear One, My love comes through every storm. Never doubt the steadfast love and its staying power that I offer you. It is eternal. Ponder that truth. Grasp that truth. Walk in that truth. It will renew your joy and appetite for life!"

"Come into My presence on purpose more frequently. I'm always here, waiting patiently - expecting you. I love you, too." (05/25/2018)

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