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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The New Thing

"Don't fret yourself trying to understand!"

Before you read the following message, I believe an explanation is in order. I asked the Lord what He wanted to say to us about this "new era" of life He has instituted. How do we navigate this "new way, this new thing"? It is to that question He responds with the rather out-of-the-ordinary first sentence.

"Take the wheels off the cars. They represent the old way. They represent the easy way. They represent the way it has always been done.. The NEW THING, the NEW WAY, does not rely on past ways you have always known. It is a NEW thing. Many will not let go to embrace the new thing I am doing. They will have more trouble than necessary [in adjusting]. They will find it hard to trust Me."

"I have told you to trust Me! Trust Me to the uttermost. Take My hand when you are tempted to doubt. My thoughts and ways are beyond your understanding. Don't fret yourself trying to understand. Simply trust Me to keep you, guide you, supply you."

"The time is at hand. Those who trust Me will prevail. They will see the reward of their steadfast faith in the goodness of their Lord. Don't waver in unbelief. Trust Me. I am able. I am faithful. I love you. You are mine, and nothing can take you from the palm of My hand. Trust Me and again, I say, trust! (10/23/2021)

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