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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Power of Friendship

Stay close to your Heavenly Father wherein blessings abound.

"Keeping tryst with Me is primary! Don't forgo this aspect of relationship with Me. You MUST stay close. I have blessings to bestow on those who draw close to Me. Strength arises, troubles melt, and your strength is restored. Can you imagine the impact of that truth? It IS possible to walk hand-in-hand with your Lord."

"Many miss the possible, intimate friendship [with Me] thinking that I am far and removed. That is wrong. I am near. I am near enough to hold your hand and help you. I am near enough to hear you whisper a prayer. I can even hear a heart's silent cry. I am not far and removed."

"I am a God who loves you and has your best in mind. Come to Me all of you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens. Call upon your loving Heavenly Father who is able to meet your every need. My love offers nothing less. Take My hand and walk with Me. Draw near. Call upon My love. Call upon My help. I am near. My love is ALWAYS reaching out. Bless My heart and grab hold of that which I offer. We both receive a blessing. I have spoken." (06/10/2024)

What an encouraging word from our Heavenly Father. He continually offers us an open invitation no matter the state of our affairs. Worn out, drained, stained with sin in our thoughts, actions, or inactions, He says, "Come close." His love offers us a friend/Savior in our time of need. Let's bless the Lord and accept His offer. We will both receive the blessing.

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