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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Trust the Master Designer

He is the maker of opportunities and opener of doors.

"Honor the Lord. Bring honor and glory to His throne. Hear what the Lord of hosts has to say. Hear the word of the Lord. It is truth. It is holy. Humbly receive the word of truth. Apply every word to the moments of your life."

"You desire success. The word of God is your key. Lift up praise to His name. Walk in His way. Know the heart of the Master Designer. He has great plans in store for you. Drink in His goodness. Don't hesitate to receive when that goodness is extended to you. Believe in His goodness."

"He is motivated by His great love. Gladly receive from His hand. Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights. He gives good gifts. Believe and receive. Take Him at His word. Believe. Move at His command toward that which the Lord, your God, has called you to. Don't hesitate."

"He is the maker of opportunities. He is the opener of doors. Take the opportunity. Go through the open door. Trust the goodness and the plans of the Master Designer. Enter with joy and gladness. Take His hand and follow His lead. Such wonder and adventure await you. Trust your heavenly Father with all your heart. Keep the faith. He is faithful. I love you. Holy is the Lord God almighty." (06/28/2019)

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