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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Valentine Love Letter

You are precious in My sight.

Holy. Holy. Holy.



Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Lover of my soul and every other soul you have created.


Almighty God of the universe.

The Great I am.

The beginning and the end.

Holy God.

Maker of Heaven and earth.

I lift up praises to Your holy name. I bow before you in humility seeking "the more" you have been holding in wait for me - holding in wait for ALL those who will enter Your presence requesting "the more" from Your loving heart.

"Hear Me, Child.

You are Mine, the apple of My eye, precious and purchased by blood.

You are divine.

My workmanship.

Glorious and unique.

Appointed to greatness as you represent Me.

Holy and righteous in My Son, Jesus.

Accomplished and acquitted.

Born from above by the will of God.

Created specifically for purposes I have set in motion.

A powerhouse because of My Spirit that dwells within you."

"Come, Child. Sit with Me for a while. I love you. I desire your presence. I am a loving Heavenly Father who offers so much more than you can find on your own in this world. You can't even conceive of the wonders I long to show you and share with you. Come; draw close. Reap the rewards that accompany My presence. Love. Joy. Peace."

"My call to draw near comes from My loveing heart. You are precious in My sight. I have marvelous things to tell you, to show you. I long to bless you, Child. Come near. Come and abide in My presence. Absorb the strength you need to finish the race well. I am for you. I am with you. Draw closer. Draw in the beauty of My fragrance. Seek My heart and My counsel. Come and stay a while. I love you. You Heavenly Father, strong and mighty, meek and mild, on you side." (02/14/2024)

Sometimes I just have to chuckle. Such a wonderful response from my loving, Heavenly Father!! On this Valentines Day, I blessed the Lord (spontaneously) from a sincere heart, and then He blessed me likewise! I stand amazed! I reiterate, it wasn't planned. A beautiful time of fellowship is avaiable to all God's family when we take the time to sit in His presence. I realize my love for the Lord doesn't even hold a candle to the love He has for me, yet He considers my little bit to be enough. Amazing!

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