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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Valuable and Acknowledged

"Receive My grace and mercy."

"Draw in close to Me. I see your turmoil. I see your hunger for righteousness. I am with you. Take solice in this truth. Let it bring a peace and a calm to your soul. You serve a God who loves you, knows you, and helps you."

"I am a loving Heavenly Father. I am able and willing to take what's wrong and make it right. Release the troubles and worries into My care. Do not continue to pine over falling short of My example. Receive My grace and mercy that I offer afresh EVERY morning."

"Do not give in to the enemy's taunts. He is an accuser - day and night! He has no mercy. He offers nothing good. Any seemingly good thing is only an illusion. Do not be snared. His tactics are subtle. Know My word and abide therein."

"I am for you not against you. You are the child of a loving Heavenly Father. Cling to that truth. Lift your head, Child. You are acknowledged and valued by your Heavenly Father. I am aware of ALL you face whether it stems from self or outside circumstances. Trust your righteous Redeemer. I will never leave nor forsake you. I love you. Receive My peace, and go forward unafraid. I have spoken." (06/06/2024)

What an encouraging word from our Heavenly Father! Thank you, Lord, for your loving kindness and constant invitation to enter into a closer walk with you!

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