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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Vessels of Partnership

You are a vessel through which God's power and intentions flow.

"Many are the challenges facing My children as they maneuver through their days toward the destiny that I have planned for each. My word has directed you to take one day at a time. Live each one fully committed to following My lead.

* Do you trust Me in this?"

"You can not know the joy of walking in total obedience to Me unless you trust Me completely.

* Do you believe I am a loving heavenly Father?

* Do you believe I work all things together for your good - the negatives and the positives?"

"Faith in My goodness and loving thoughts toward you can move the mountains of difficulty that seem to stand in your way to impede your steps toward your destiny. Take My hand and lean into My desire to lead you to wonders beyond your wildest imaginations. I have significant times in store for you. You are a vessel through which My intentions and power flow. Simply follow [Me] and obey. Then, watch amazing, miraculous, unexpected things unfold in those areas to which I've led you. Your effort is embodied by My power."

"We are partners in these end-time moves of God. Stand back and see the marvelous works of your Lord and Savior as He impacts lives in your sphere.

* Are you ready to see wonders manifesting before your eyes?

* Are you ready to trust and obey?

* Are you ready to partner with your heavenly Father for the advancement of the Kingdom of God?"

"Draw close to Me. Seek to know Me intimately. Only then will you know the way to partner, trust more, and obey. I invite you into a great adventure with your heavenly Father.

* Are you ready to join Me?

I already have your plans orchestrated. I am waiting for your response. You won't be disappointed! Believe Me." (5/23/2023)

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