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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Weep and Pray for the Lost and Alone

"My heart is grieved at their plight."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Weep for those who don't know Me. Their fate is one of sorrow and misery. Weep for them. Pray for them. They need your help to see and receive the truth. I love them."

"I died for them, but they are oblivious to that truth. I sent My son to set them free, but they remain captives while the prison doors stand wide open. I love them."

"My heart is grieved at their plight. They need your input to gain their sight and to help them see the truth - the truth of my love. I love them."

"They need Me, but they don't know it. They need ME. I have the answers, the solutions to their problem, the supplies and resources they need. I am their answer! I am the end of their search. I stand with arms outstretched to welcome them in - to welcome them home but they don't know."

"You must help them. Pray for them. Weep for them. They need your help. I have given you power in prayer. You can make a difference. Make the difference. They need you. You need Me. We need each other. I hear your prayers. They are powerful. Use them to help and aid others to enter My kingdom."

"They need your help. They don't know the way. You know the way. Help them see the way. I will help you to help them. I have spoken. Take up the torch. Shine the light and pray them home." (09/04/2017)

This is a solemn, heart-felt message, my friend. Did you realize the great sorrow that our Lord feels for those who are lost and alone - trying to cope without Him? Stop, now, and pray for those who need to know that Jesus loves them. He will hear and answer.

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