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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Will You Pass Your Test?

"Reject the lie and chose instead the truth, MY truth."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Yes, My child, it was a test. I needed to see if you would heed the voice of the enemy or My voice. My servants need to know and discern the voice of their master. You sought Me until you came to the realization of truth, My truth."

"I long to communicate with My children which I have told you many times before, but you were willing to believe that your human, imperfect response, momentary though it was, broke your communion with Me. Had you continued to believe that lie, much that I wanted to do with you in the advancement of My kingdom would have been hindered and thwarted. You passed the test. You rejected the lie and chose instead the truth, MY truth."

"There will be more tests. Remember MY WORD. Remember My words to you. They are life. They are love. They are power. They are different from the words of the world. Be alert. Discern truth. Embrace truth. I love you. You are mine." (07/27/2017)

For the sake of clarity, this message was the Lord's response as I struggled with thoughts of personal shortfall, a wrong response to a blessing. I wasn't happy with myself. I figure it was a pretty significant pity party and the enemy showed up with all his negative stuff to spread around. I felt that communion with the Lord was broken, but I kept praying and came into agreement with His Word. Thankfully, I realized it was a test. I was relieved-even more so after His input.

Let me encourage you. His word is true no matter what your circumstances. Align with God's truth. Don't align with the enemy's lies. He is a perpetual liar.

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