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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Worthy of All Praise

"Praise His glorious majesty!"

What do You want to say tonight, Lord?

"Oh praise the One who sets the captives free and heals the sick and broken-hearted. Praise the One who died to bring reconciliation between God and man. He is worthy. He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Bow down before Him. Worship His holy name. He is high and lifted up, seated in heavenly places."

"He calls the sinner to Himself and brings the proud to their knees. He pours out great grace and provides for His own. Praise His glorious majesty. Who is the King? The Lord, God Almighty is His name. Holy and righteous. Creator of the universe. Holy is His name. Give Him praise - glorious praise! He rules and reigns over ALL the earth. His judgments are right. "

"Take every opportunity to come before Him with thanksgiving and praise. The master of the universe bows low to identify with His children. Heavenly Father is His name. Bring Him glory, honor, and blessing. He is for you not against you. Pull in close and know His heart. He is calling for His own to come into His presence. Come. Enter in. Stay and soak in the splendor of His company. He invites you to come. Don't tarry. He waits with open arms. Bring joy to your father's heart and enter in." (11/08/2023)

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