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  • Stephanie Hanouw

You Delight God the Father

"Rejoice that you are found worthy."

"The birch tree blossoms and sends forth a fragrant aroma that delights the Father's heart. As it is with the Birch tree, so it is as My children realize their place in Me. They send out a fragrant aroma that delights My heart."

"You, My child, delight My heart. I wait longingly for your fellowship. You are My delight. My glory has risen upon you. Walk in the fullness of that blessing. Rejoice that you are found worthy. The light of Christ shines in you, on you, and through you. Rejoice!"

"Do you know what that means? You are a child of God with His royal blood flowing through you. All power is appointed unto you through Jesus' name to go forward and conquer in His name. Trust that name - the name above all names. It is your power and peace."

"Expect Jesus' name to move mountains, remove demons, to make a difference. Use that Name with calm, confident authority to bring people into a new understanding of My kingdom and to conquer principalities and powers that hinder them. Step forth in full assurance of faith. Trust and obey. I am on the throne. I am in charge. I am almighty God - maker of heaven and earth." (04/09/2018)

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