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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your Destiny

The Lord has a special, well planned path laid out for you!

"Hope in the Lord. Keep your eyes fixed - focused - on Him. He is your stay and life-line. As I have told you before, keep your eyes fixed on your Lord. He makes all things possible. He leads and He guides. He opens doors and closes doors. Let His love and His peace guide. He is FOR you not against you. He desires for you to know the way and to walk it by faith."

"Take My hand and follow Me. I am the way. Don't allow your heart to be troubled. Seek My peace. Come into My presence where My peace resides and prevails. Hear Me, Child, as I speak to you. My will is not a mystery as some determine. It is My desire to lead you as you walk the path with Me. I am your lamp and your light to show you the way so that you won't stumble. I walk with you. You are not asked to travel the way alone."

"I provide for you. Watch for My loving touches along the way - refreshments, encouragements, touches that bring strength and rest as you travel. Take heart, My child, know that I will never leave you nor forsake you along the way. Even though there may be hard places, I am there. Never doubt My presence with you. I love you and I am helping you on your journey toward your destination. Above all things, keep the faith. I will not fail to fulfill My word to you. My love covers you." (02/17/2021)

How great our Father's love for us!

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