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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your Redemption Draws Near

"No need to worry or fret, just be ready at all times."

"The bells ring out the Good News that the Savior of the world is returning soon. He comes with healing in His wings. He comes with gifts for men. He comes to rule and reign in a world where chaos has become the norm. He comes on wings of love with fire in His eyes. He comes with a song and a dance. He comes quietly with might and power surrounding His glorious self."

"Lift up your eyes, for your redemption draws near. Cleanse your hearts and make way therein for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He comes. Be ready. Draw near with a pure heart. Love your neighbor as yourself. Keep tryst with your loving Lord. He comes unannounced for those who are looking for His return. No need to worry or fret. Just be ready at all times for the Lord of Love is returning for His own." (06/20/2018)

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