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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your Source

"I am your life-line."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Keep up your efforts to make time to spend with Me. I am your life-line. I am the one who opens doors for you. I make things possible when you move in accordance with My plans, My agenda. Doors open at My command. You can not strike out on your own and expect doors to open that I have closed. Keep close to Me and you will see more clearly where I am leading you."

"Take heart, My Child, not all days are a drudgery. There are rewarding, beautiful days ahead filled with love and light and blessing. Remember, joy comes in the morning. There may be days of trials and sorrows, but My joy comes. It always comes. Welcome it with open arms."

"Let My peace rule and reign in your heart - that peace abides in My presence. Seek Me. Seek Me. Pursue the quiet, peaceful times with Me. I am your source of life. Abide in Me allowing Me to abide in you as well. Walk with Me through your day. Keep your focus on Me. Again, I say, 'Abide in Me.' I am your life-line. I love you. You are mine. Nothing can take you from the security of the palm of My hand. Come, Child, abide in Me. (02/11/2021)

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