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Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

"My love sees."

"You are serving Me in the little things you do that speak to Me of your obedience - it's the little things as well as the big things. My love sees your heart, your motivation, your desire to please your loving Heavenly Father. Quiet obedience makes a way for the Lord's approval."

"I see. I hear. I know the struggle that often thwarts your best efforts and intentions. I understand your humanness. I walked in those shoes. I know and understand your challenges. That's why I came, in order that you would know I understand and know how to help you. Come to Me for comfort and understanding. Pour out the pain into my capable hands. Let My nearness bring you comfort and solutions."

"I walk by your side. Take My hand and follow My lead. I am your Way-maker, your Strong Tower, your Secure Place. I am your source and satisfaction. Come unto Me all you who are burdened and overwhelmed and find a safe place to rest - in Me. I love you and welcome you always with open arms. I have spoken." (07/27/2023)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"My love is always reaching out to impart goodness...!"

"Open up the Book and see My words. They are truths meant to lead you in your daily walk along the paths I have called you to.

Do you believe what you read?

Do you believe I am able to carry out the promises I have made?

Do you believe, or are you full of doubt and unbelief?"

"I am an omniscient, almighty, all-powerful God who desires good things for His children - His followers.

Do you believe that?

A good father delights in giving good gifts to His loved ones. They [loved ones] are the apple of my eye.

Do you believe that?"

"Walk in a way that accepts the goodness I provide for My children. My love is always reaching out to impart goodness to My loved ones. Bless My heart by believing My words, My motives, and My intentions. I am a faithful, loving Heavenly Father who delights in those who believe and love Me. Make it your aim to walk in faith, believing My love for you. I have spoken. Believe." (07/07/2023)

  • Stephanie Hanouw

"Let Me help you carry the weight."

"In the heat of the night, the Lord brings the cooling refreshment of His presence. He sings over those in the midst of the battle, adding extra strength and resolve to uphold and sustain them. 'The battle is the Lord's', He reminds them. Come to Me, all you who are weary from carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and allow Me to bear the weight with you."

"I am able. I am ready. I am willing. Will you let Me help you carry the weight of your burdens? My help is a whisper away. Here Me whispering your name, then receive the joy of My presence. I love you, Child. It is My delight to share the yoke with you. No trouble is too much for your loving Lord. I came to commune with those who will place their trust in Me."

"Take up your cross and follow Me. I will lead you to the victory you long for. Let Me orchestrate your path. There will be times of refreshing as well as My presence in the dark places. I am Lord over each. Trust Me, Child. I am for you not against you. Can you grasp the power of that truth? I think not.

It is too wonderful for you right now; therefore, you must trust your Lord. Have I not proven Myself capable of miraculous works?"

"As a baby relies solely on its parents for every need, so too, you must rely on and trust in Me. Love knows your name. Love makes the way. Love shares the burdens. Come to Me. I wait with open arms to pour out My riches into your life. Come to Me. I have spoken." (06/27/2023)

I am amazed (as I re-read this message readying it for posting) at how fitting it is for such a time as this! It brings me to tears and humbles me. Our Heavenly Father is such a loving, connected Father. If we (I) will only accept His loving kindness and lean into that love, what a difference we will see. Continually!

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