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  • Stephanie Hanouw

A New Day - A New Way

"Grasp the wonder and splendor of this new day."

"A new beginning - a new start. It's a new day; make a fresh start! From this day, ________, the old is gone and a new beginning dawns. Take hold of it. Grasp the wonder and splendor of this new day and the new way. Take hold and hang on! Don't let it be torn from your grasp."

"As the rider has to master the animal under Him, so you must ride out this new way until you have mastered it. Hang on. Stick with it until you become one with it. You will flow in this new way if you hang on to the point of mastery and unity." [Picture a person on a wild horse or a bucking bull trying to stay on even though the animal is trying to dislodge that one. Hang on till the bull tires or the wild horse becomes a trusted mount.]

"A new day - a new way. Today! Rejoice! The new has come. The old is gone. Take heart. The Lord has heard from His holy hill. He comes to redeem - redemption is in His wings. Rejoice, loved one, your Lord has heard. A new day dawns! (01/22/2019)

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