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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Attention, Believers, Urgent Message!

I was instructed to "get a pencil". The Lord had an important message to convey.

"Make haste! Make them hear the words of the Lord for they are for a time soon to come."

"Make haste! Make the message simple to understand. They must hear and embrace the words that I am sending out. I love them and have much to tell them."

"Tell them I am coming - coming for a bride who is ready to take the hand of her groom and follow Him into and for eternity. Not all will hear. Speak to those who will listen. Plant the seeds of knowledge and information. I will send workers to water and then harvest the souls who call out to me."

"Be quick to take advantage of every opportunity that I place before you. I am preparing hearts to receive. The enemy plans to steal away the truth presented. Seal that truth in Jesus' name. Call forth those who have the desire to hear My words. Call them forth into your path."

"Using My word is powerful. No enemy can prevail against My will. Call their ears to hear. Call them forth. Use My words. Keep your own ears keenly listening for My voice."

"Yes, My sheep hear My voice, but you must also attend to and act on what you hear. I will give clear instructions. Obey Me. Trust Me. I am creating a tapestry of magnificent beauty and detail. I am anxious for you to see it, but the time is not yet." (03/28/2018)

There is a great sense of urgency in this message. I encourage every believer to take the Lord's admonition to heart. We need to step up to the plate and be His ambassadors. Life and death for many are at stake!

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