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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Awesome Lord!

A simple psalm of praise.

Heavenly Father, The earth shouts Your praise. The heavens declare Your glory. Majesty and honor cover you like a robe. Great awe and wonder accompany Your marvelous works. The people are stopped in their tracks. They kneel to give you the honor due Your name. You do mighty works of love and compassion in the midst of the lives of Your people. They tell of Your fame throughout the land.

Come, Lord Jesus. Walk among Your people once again. Move in power and might. Heal the sick. Give hope to the hopeless. Make crooked paths straight - make crooked backs straight! Reveal Yourself to mankind once again. Be glorified in the lives of Your children, Lord. Come! We need You. Take us to that holy place where our hearts are renewed and strengthened. Wrap us up in Your love and send us out in Your name to make a difference by Your Holy Spirit's power.

Holy Spirit, we long for Your presence in our lives. You are our comforter. We need you - every hour - we need You. Lead us and guide us as You dwell inside us. You make all things possible by Your presence. You give ears to hear and eyes to see. You are our joy, our wisdom, our ability to discern. You fill us up. We need You. Be glorified in us as we respond to the promptings You give. Make our paths straight. Take us into the very heart of the will of Your will for our lives. (03/29/2018)

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