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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Circumstances Shouldn't Dim Your Shine

It is the God in you whose light is to shine.

"Look up, [put your name here], and see the stars. See their glory shine - shining in the darkness reflecting the glory of God. The glory of God has risen upon you, [__________]. You have the ability, the responsibility to shine and reflect the glory of God to all those around you."

"Remember, to shine, you must allow God to shine through you. Circumstances should not be a measure of your shining power, because it is the GOD IN YOU whose light is to shine. Circumstances are just that, circumstantial."

"My light is constant. It doesn't ebb and flow. Where I am is where My light shines. Let My light shine in all your circumstances. Whether up or down, good or bad, My light should shine through you. Accept nothing less. Holy is the Lord, God Almighty, and I reign over all the earth."

"Let My light shine. Go forth. Let the glory of the Lord which is risen upon you, shine! I have said it." (06/12/2018)

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