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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Fragile Heart - Handle with Love

My response to the message Father God impressed upon my heart. I trust it will speak to you, too.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

The tender hearts of people are so precious to You. Sometimes people give us the privilege of holding their hearts in our hands and through ignorance, our own brokenness, accidents, or just plain meanness, we don't handle those fragile hearts with the proper care. Wounding, bruising, and bleeding results and those innocent hearts are never quit the same.

Teach me, Lord, when entrusted with a heart, to handle it like the precious treasure that it is. Heal those hearts that I/we have injured in the past. Piece back together those I/we have broken to some degree or another. Forgive me/us for handling them abusively - knowingly or unknowingly. And Lord, heal the wounds in my/our own heart(s) that have come by disappointments, ignorance, meanness, or another's brokenness. I/we choose to let go of the pain and disappointment and let You restore wholeness to my/our own heart(s).

Love. Love allows us to tenderly and correctly handle those beautiful hearts, rich treasures, entrusted to us. Teach me/us to love. (02/18/2017)

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